4 Tips To Keep Children Safe Around Garage Doors

garage door safety

Your garage door provides protection for whatever is stored inside your garage. However, as much as it offers protection, some garage owners deal with accidents due to garage doors. Garage doors are a heavy moving object and a moment of negligence can cause a serious accident – especially if you have children at home. You don’t want them to come around your garage door and risk their safety.

Because you cannot get rid of your garage door, your only option is to make sure your children are safe and to ensure that your garage is safe to use – especially when the kids are near the garage’s vicinity. Here are 4 tips to keep children safe around garage doors:


  • Keep the remote out of reach


Remember the labels you see on home products or machinery saying “Keep out of reach of children”? Well, that also applies to your garage door. It is part of children’s nature to get curious in almost everything that they see; then they will play with it a little to satisfy their curiosity. As much as possible, don’t let them see where you put the garage door remote and make sure to place it in a location not within their reach. 



  • Regular maintenance is a must


Most of the garage door incidents are caused by a falling garage door due to mechanical issues. You can prevent this accident from happening by keeping a regular maintenance on your garage door. Even if your garage door doesn’t look or sound strange, have it checked with a professional once or twice a year. You might be able to check the door spring, hinges and track but a garage door professional will be able to provide a thorough inspection such as testing if the safety features are operating correctly, inspecting the door for loose or damaged parts, testing the lubrication, and more. Regular maintenance can identify minor issues and be fixed before they get worse.  



  • Educate your children


One of the most effective ways to prevent garage door accidents involving your children is to educate them. Make sure they understand the dangers of playing near garage doors. They need to know that in order to prevent garage door accidents, they SHOULD NOT do the following:

  • Be near the garage door as it opens or closes. 
  • Play with a remote control or any part of the garage door.
  • Leave their pets or toys near the garage door. 



  • Choose a high-quality garage door


When it comes to safety, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. If you are planning to install a garage door, then choose the garage door made from high quality materials and manufactured by a reliable company. There are many cheaper alternatives sold in the market, however, you cannot be guaranteed the quality of the garage door especially its safety features. Call a professional for your garage door installation and to schedule maintenance.