Garage Door Maintenance: Knowing When to Call Technicians

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Our garage doors are marvels of engineering and innovation. Repairing them requires the proper tools, skills, and know-how. That’s why manufacturers and safety groups recommend having them repaired by trained technicians.

But how do we know if it’s time to call in a specialist? Here are some tests you can do every month to determine if you need garage door repair services.

Safety first!

Before doing anything, please inform all members of your family that you are going to test the garage door. They should not open or close the door until you inform them that you are done. Also, ask another adult or older kids’ help to keep an eye on the younger kids and pets – and to keep them away while you’re testing the doors.

All eyes and ears

Looking from the inside, check for any signs of wear or damage. Go over the springs, rollers, pulleys, cables, and mounting hardware. Open and close the garage and try to listen for sounds that do not seem normal.

Do some waving and pressing

Key features of modern garage doors are their sensors and their reversing mechanism. Testing these ensure the safety of your family, your pets and your property, and your car.

Test the sensor by opening the garage door and pressing the close button. As the garage door closes, wave a long object like a racket or broom in front of the sensor. If the door is in good condition, the sensor should detect this movement and signal the reverse mechanism to work.

You can also test the reverse mechanism by placing a piece of wood on the floor. Close the garage door on it and see if the door reverses when it touches the wood.

If you spot any problem, you know who to call. We proudly provide garage door repair services to Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County.

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