Typical Garage Door Bang-Ups Committed by People

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The large surface area of garage doors makes it susceptible to unfortunate (sometimes inevitable) circumstances. These can be natural phenomena like storms, or it can be man-made like the accidental backing up of a vehicle.

Vehicle Collisions
Car collisions with garage doors aren’t uncommon by any means. It might not injure humans that much, but it does mess with the door’s looks due to unsightly damage – not to mention a compromised entryway to your house. While light bumps can only leave scratches or dents, stronger collisions can bend the door out of shape or whack the track out of alignment.

Consequently, a damaged track system hinders the garage door from working properly. It might not open and close smoothly, and the damage can be aggravated if not repaired immediately.

DIY Disaster
To cut back on repair costs, some homeowners resort to the DIY route to try and fix the door themselves. This is a dangerous thing as garage door parts like springs and cables can inflict serious injury if handled by inexperienced hands. Homeowners who need help repairing their garage doors in the West Chester, Pennsylvania area should leave this complex system of motors, cables, tracks, and springs to professionals.

Some homeowners ignore weird creaks and groans coming from their garage doors, chalking it up to age-related issues. Often, this means the door’s lubrication has run dry and neglecting its proper servicing can cause the garage door to stop working altogether. Loose bolts also contribute to garage doors’ noisy operation, and tightening them requires prompt, professional service that should not be left to another day.

If your garage door needs attention, our technicians are more than happy to address and fix any damage. Call us now and enjoy the peace of mind afforded by our professional garage door repair services.