4 Frequently-Asked Garage Door Questions, Answered

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A garage door is a significantly large purchase for any homeowner, so it’s quite understandable that many would want to know as much as they can before investing in it. If you’re a not-so-proud owner of a creaking or broken garage door and are looking to patch it up or replace it, the experts in garage door repair in Philadelphia answers some of the most pressing questions from concerned homeowners like you.

“Should I pick metal or wood for my garage door?”
Metal and wood are the most common selections for garage doors, each having their advantages and drawbacks. In a nutshell, wooden garage doors provide more natural warmth, while steel or aluminum ones require very little maintenance. Evaluate your priorities to help you choose!

“Should I insulate the door or not?”
It depends on your use of the garage, or if it’s connected to the house or built into certain areas. For example, if the bedroom is made directly over the garage, insulating the garage door is recommended. As long as your garage regularly serves purposes other than parking your car, insulation is a must.

“How long is a garage door going to last?”
The answer depends on the construction type and quality of materials and components used. Say, it’s pretty well-made and of good quality at 45mm thickness, with polyurethane for insulation, it’ll easily last up to 20 years. Paint finish should last around the same time, provided it’s washed at least twice a year.

“Is a double door setup better than two single doors?”
Two single doors are more favorable for practicality. If for some reason, the opening mechanism fails or malfunctions on one door, there’s still a spare door available to get your vehicle out. If you care more about aesthetics, architects and designers agree that double doors lend a balanced look to a home’s architecture.

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