Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Garage Door Spring Repair

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Everyone has some DIY spirit in them. So, when your garage door breaks down, the first thought running through your head may be to self-diagnose, watch a how-to video on YouTube, and get to work.

While that may seem easy enough, DIY garage door repairs, especially one that involves the spring, comes with some grave risks. In fact, experts advise against it.

Broken garage doors cause an average of 10,580 injuries per year in the United States alone. Even professional garage door repairmen get injured, at times, while performing garage door spring repairs. A garage door weighs about 200 to 500 pounds, too, so it’s not that hard to imagine the serious injuries this can cause.

Extension and Torsion Springs
There are two major types of springs used in garage doors: extension springs and torsion springs. The former typically runs along the sides of the door near the upper door track; the latter sits just above the door’s top frame. Although both types of springs contain tension, extension springs are more dangerous to work with.

Tension, Improper Tools and Parts
So, what makes a DIY garage door repair so dangerous?

Garage door springs hold a huge amount of tension. A spring can give out anytime due to rust or cracks. And, if you don’t remove the spring carefully using the proper tools, the spring will release the tension, and the door can crash down and trap anyone and anything in its path.

In addition, garage repair often requires very specific tools. You’re putting yourself and your property at risk by using the simple, everyday tools you might have.  While you shouldn’t use regular tools for a socialized task, you wouldn’t want to go to the local hardware store to buy an expensive tool that you’re only going to use one time, either.

Overall, you might think that repairing your garage door on your own can save you hundreds of dollars—but if you look at the risks, it seems better to just make the call and ask for a professional’s assistance.

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