Sounds Like Danger: Watch Out for a Noisy Garage Door

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A garage door normally produces a rumbling noise when it opens or closes. It’s typically the sound of its motors running or the door grinding against the wall. But if the noise becomes too loud or the homeowners hear new noises, it’s time to call for garage door repair services in Montgomery County, PA. The garage door may have problems that could worsen over time, weaken the home’s security, and put the family’s safety at risk. Here are a few reasons behind unusually noisy garage doors.


Rusty Metals

Your garage doors may need to be lubricated to reduce the noise from rusty metal parts that are grinding against one another. The homeowner could try applying lubricant on the metal bits to reduce friction. If the noises continue, though, it might be best to call a professional; the sounds may be a sign of more serious problems.

Worn Out or Faulty Parts

A noisy garage door may have defective parts like rollers, hinges, or bearings. If these are worn out, they produce a grating sound and therefore need replacement. Moreover, the door may have loose chains, bolts, and screws that vibrate when the door moves.

A spring that is too strained may also be responsible for the strange sounds. The noise might indicate that the spring could snap or break soon. This issue would need immediate replacement.

Misaligned Doors

Grumbling noises may indicate that the door needs to be re-aligned and balanced. Not only would proper alignment and balance reduce the noises, but it would also maintain the structural integrity of the door and prolong its lifespan.

In some cases, a noisy garage door may need a tune-up that includes lubrication for all the parts, sensor re-alignment, and tightening of all bolts and screws. In some cases, though, the garage door opener is defective or unsafe and needs to be replaced.

There could be many reasons behind a noisy garage door. If your garage door still produces strange sounds, have one of our expert technicians check it. They could identify and fix the root of the trouble before it grows into a bigger problem.

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