Make This Winter More Enjoyable with an Automatic Garage Door Opener

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As winter fast approaches, we are left, again, to consider how we might stay just a little warmer when Jack Frost decides to make his grand entrance. For your home, you have extra insulation, new windows, a new HVAC system, and so much more. For your vehicle, you’ve got newer vehicles which provide nearly instant heat, and for yourself, you’ve got hand warmers, hot coffee, and even coats that have battery-powered warmers installed in the lining. For all the warmth you can have, there’s still that moment when, after you’ve backed your car out of the garage, you have to get out of your car and fumble around with a cold, creaky garage door, to try and pull it down and lock it up. You know there has to be a better way, and there is, when you invest in an automatic garage door opener.

Are They Right for Me?

Automatic garage door openers have come a long way from the slow, unreliable, and loud models that were originally available. Today’s garage door openers are fast, well-made, and whisper-quiet. They’re also smart, to keep you safe, and to make it even more convenient to keep everyone in your home coming and going as easily as possible.


Are They Safe?

A common concern about garage door openers is the idea of someone driving around your neighborhood with a garage door remote, clicking it over and over again until a door finally opens. When automatic garage door openers originally gained popularity, this was a valid concern, and many 90s sitcoms and stand-up comedians profited from jokes following this angle. The problem the original systems had was that they were fixed-frequency, meaning, no matter how many times you pressed the button on your remote, it was sending the same signal to the receiver, every time. This is okay, until someone with that same frequency comes along and is able to open your garage door, as well, thus gaining easy access to your garage, and possibly your home.


These concerns are why today’s systems are equipped with rolling codes, which change every time you open or close the door. Once the opening or closing process has begun, the system “rolls over” to a new code that must be matched by the remote. Considering all the different numeric combinations that are available for the system to choose from, it would be nearly impossible for someone with a remote to press it at just the right time to match the code on the receiving end, thus gaining access. By the time they did find a match, they would have been hanging around your property so long, that one of your neighbors would have noticed them and called the police.


So, with superb convenience, superior safety, and unmatched reliability, there is now no reason not to have an automatic garage door opener installed. It will make your life easier, and make that morning commute that much more pleasant this winter. Call or visit O’Brien Garage Doors at a location near you and see what an automatic garage door opener can do for you, today.