How to Choose a Garage Door That Matches A Home’s Aesthetic

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garage doorThe first thing visitors see when arriving at a home is the exterior, so it is crucial to make a good impression by creating curb appeal. While plants and other landscaping items are essential elements, one of the most overlooked aspects is a home’s garage door. Here is a quick look at six important things to consider when making over the entrance of a garage.


Door Style

In the past, homeowners were limited when choosing garage doors, but manufacturers now create designs that provide the perfect balance of performance and beauty. Tudor style homes can be adorned with a more basic style that accompanies the existing architectural components, while homes with an arts and crafts flair are better suited to doors that are made from solid wood.


Color Choices

Another critical item to consider is the color of the door. If the desired color isn’t available, then talk to a garage door vendor about the models that come in a pre-primed version. This will allow the homeowner to paint the door any color they wish and provide seamless integration with any other paint colors or finishes that may be present on the exterior of a home.

Incorporate Windows

A garage door doesn’t have to be boring, and incorporating a design that utilizes glass window panes will provide a warm and welcoming appearance that allows natural light to stream into a garage. Windows also serve to add additional character and give a garage door a custom, high-end appearance.


Insulative Performance

Garage doors that are insulated help keep a home comfortable during extreme weather shifts. Designs that incorporate the use of fiberglass insulation products also provide a stately visual appearance. Older homes and those that have multiple garage openings can benefit from both the aesthetic and energy-saving attributes of an insulated door.


Opening Style

Most homeowners envision a garage door that is made from a series of panels that roll up and down on a metal track. While an option, doors that are constructed of one solid panel offer a unique look and added security benefits. An installation of this nature may require a specialized opener, so be sure to address this issue with an experienced contractor.


Door Material

One of the most widely used materials in the construction of garage doors is metal, as it is an affordable option that is extremely durable. Other options, such as wood, glass, and plastic provide a more distinguished appearance and can be the perfect way to add additional character to the exterior of a home.


Choosing the perfect garage door can be an overwhelming process, but a professional garage door installation and repair company can help. Most have access to a vast array of products from a broad range of manufacturers, which makes it simple for a homeowner to find the perfect door for their home and their lifestyle.