Safety Tips for Your Automatic Garage Door

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White house garage doorYou may not think much about your automatic garage door, unless it stops working properly. Once you identify that the problem isn’t a dead battery in your remote or a lack of power in the garage, it’s time to consider what the issue may be. If your automatic garage door struggles to open all the way, or the door shuts part way when it is all the way open, you may be putting your safety at risk.


When Your Garage Door Partially Closes

The tension spring holding your garage door all the way open can lose the ability to keep your door open all way. If your garage door closes part way when fully open, there is probably an issue with the tension spring. If the spring snaps, this can cause your garage door to slam down without notice. This is an obvious safety hazard that needs to be addressed right away.

If Your Garage Door Struggles to Open

Problems with your automatic garage door’s track can make your door difficult to open or close. A loose bracket can make the two parallel tracks uneven, causing the door to stop moving mid-action. If you notice that your garage door struggles at about the same point each time, this is likely where the track is loose or something is blocking the path of the track.


While you may be able to push your remote a number of times and eventually get the door to open or close, this is not going to be effective if you have an emergency and you are trying to leave the home. Check the tracks for random debris such as a stick, and look for loose brackets. If you can’t identify the problem, it’s time to call for help.


Routine Maintenance Keeps Your Door Running Smooth

When you have an automatic garage door, getting your system serviced periodically is always a good idea. A professional will look over your door and motor, check the brackets, make sure all wheels are secure, and look to see if any minor problems need to be repaired. With regular service, you are less likely to have emergency problems with your garage door.


Small problems, such as a loose tension spring, can get worse when ignored. Don’t create a safety hazard on your property and get any problems with your garage door checked right away.


Waiting to get your garage door fixed when it is experiencing problems can lead to more than an inconvenience. If the door slams on your car as you are entering the garage, or worse, lands on a child playing, someone can get badly hurt. With some basic maintenance every year, you will know that your garage door is in good working order.