Let the Light in with Windows on Your Garage Door

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windowsGarage doors might seem pretty straightforward. A large door covering a large opening that easily goes up and down when you need to get inside. If you want to add a little more style and functionality to your garage door, however, you might consider adding windows to your garage door. The “whys” and “hows” of adding windows to your garage door are important to consider before deciding to go this route.

Let the Light Shine

Garages aren’t known for being the most bright and cheerful places in the home. For the most part, they take on a more utilitarian function, serving as a great place to store cars, tools, and other large outdoor items. If your garage is a place you spend a lot of time doing projects, it’s nice to be able to have more than the standard fluorescent fixtures hanging from the ceiling to light your way.


In the summer, of course, you can simply leave the door open to let the natural light pour in. In the winter, however, keeping that garage door closed tightly is important to keeping you warm enough to be able to get your projects done. That’s where garage door windows come in. These windows allow you to keep your door tightly closed to keep all the cold air out but still have some nice natural light to brighten your work area and help keep you energized. Not to mention, if you’re just running out to the garage to grab something quickly, having that extra natural light can be a big help in finding exactly what you’re looking for.


Making a House a Home

Another issue with many garage doors is that they, because of their size, can have a somewhat unwelcoming look to them. While the rest of the materials on the exterior of your home can have a warm and welcoming look to them, your garage door may stand in stark contrast, creating a look that’s somewhat unpleasant. Adding some windows to your garage door can break up the size of the garage door, creating a more intimate look that is much more inviting and appealing.


Safe and Warm

For all the benefits of having windows in your garage door, you must consider the best methods for installing them to ensure they don’t cause more problems than they solve. One of the biggest issues with having windows in your garage door is that it makes it easy for others to take a look inside and see what you have stored there. To prevent this, you can utilize frosted windows to still make use of the natural light while blocking the view of curious eyes. Or, if your garage door is tall enough, simply installing the windows at the very top will keep prying eyes away.


Another problem that could arise by having windows installed in your garage door is a loss of energy efficiency. It’s great to have some natural light while you’re working in your garage but if the windows that let in that natural light are causing it to be cold in the garage, you might start to think twice. To help prevent this, utilize double-paned windows to increase the energy efficiency of the installation. This will also increase the security, as a double-paned window is more difficult to break than a single-paned window. Additionally, make sure that the windows are well-sealed around their entire perimeter to help prevent cold air from leaking in.