Garage Doors for More than Just Your Garage

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shedDo you have a shed or barn and want to switch up the look? Have you ever considered swapping out the regular doors for sectional garage doors? Getting sectional garage doors can not only help with the aesthetics but can offer more security as well.

Before getting started, understand that you need to meet a few minimum specifications. For instance, there’s a minimum size limit to ensure that you can actually raise the door. You need at least 112 square feet of floor space, so the barn, shed or garage needs to be at least eight feet by 14 feet (width and depth, respectively). You need a minimum of five inches of headspace over the door, and another two inches of space if you intend to use an automatic door opener.



Regular doors swing open to the sides. If your doors swing inward, you are definitely losing valuable square footage. If the doors swing outward and you live in a region that is bound for snowfall each winter season, you will be wasting time digging out space for the doors.

Having a door that rolls up allows you to still open the door regardless of exterior obstructions. With doors going up you can maximize the door space by a few inches. It’s great for wider lawn mowers, ATV, tractors, plows and more.  

Sectional garage doors also allows you to easily install an electric garage door opener unlike conventional two access doors.



Just because the shed is in the back of the house it doesn’t mean it needs to stay plain and boring. Match style and color to coordinate with the car garage out front. Add windows  and hardware to achieve that specific look you want. Let the shed or the back garage be a focal point for your backyard!