Save on Your Energy Bill with Insulated Garage Doors

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When you start thinking of ways that you can save on your energy bill for your home, your garage may be the last place you consider. After all, you do not live in that area of the home, and you often use it only as a glorified storage zone. However, whether you have a workbench in your garage or only use it as a place to pull your cars into, you may be amazed at just how much better the space becomes when you enclose it with an insulated garage door.

Keep Your Garage Climate-Controlled

An insulated garage door can help keep your garage at a more even temperature. This is true whether or not the rest of your garage is insulated. While it may seem like a no-brainer to add an insulated door to an insulated garage, you may be surprised to know that an insulated garage door can keep the temperature more comfortable in this space even without insulated walls. This is especially good if you use the garage to store belongings that could be damaged by extremely high or low temperatures.


Keep Attached Parts of Your Home Comfortable

In addition, your insulated garage door will make the rest of your home more comfortable if you have an attached garage. Most garages these days are attached to a room in the house with a door. By using an insulated garage door, you can keep this adjoining room at a more even temperature. You can also reduce energy waste in rooms that are built above the garage.


Save on Your Energy Bill

All of this temperature comfort results in one important thing, which is amazing savings on your electrical or natural gas bill. In the summer, you can expect your home to remain cooler thanks to your garage door keeping out excessive heat. In the winter, you can expect to see the opposite occur. This will prevent your air conditioning or your furnace from turning on too frequently and can save you a significant amount of money in the course of a single year. If you do an energy check on your home in the winter, you might be surprised to see just how much heat you are wasting from your garage.


Discover Other Amazing Benefits

Insulated garage doors do much more than just keep your home and garage at more comfortable temperatures. These doors also have the following benefits.

-They are durable because of dual steel panels.

-They operate quietly, keeping noise down in your home and neighborhood.

-They keep your car running more efficiently.


Insulated garage doors are a budget-friendly home improvement that can make up their own cost in energy savings. Plus, you will be more comfortable in your home and in the garage, your cars will be less exposed to extreme heat and extreme cold and your garage will be more secure. You can find out more about this by contacting O’Brien Garage Doors today.