Clearing Way For The Garage Of Your Dreams

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Finding the smallest item in a cluttered garage can feel like setting out on a treacherous trek through an Amazonian jungle. Whether it’s because of scattered boxes or towering bins, this quintessential storage space can seemingly develop a gravitational pull for lost stuff. Venturing into your garage doesn’t have to feel like an Indiana Jones film, however. Here are some surefire ways to tame this savage space.

Take Everything Out Of The Garage
At the outset, painting the Mona Lisa from memory seems like an easier task than organizing this area. As the ancient Chinese proverb states, however, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” To conquer this towering Goliath, follow these tips:

  • Remove all items to the driveway.
  • Organize into piles according to purpose (tools, gardening, etc.).
  • Create a separate stack for items you want to throw away.


Install Wire Shelving
These units are inexpensive and easy to install. They are great for storing bins, tools, or other items. Because they hang on the walls, these shelving units free up valuable floor space.


Build Storage Towers
Constructing these structures allows you to stack and store bins efficiently. In addition, bottom bins are easier to reach. You can even paint the unit to add an attractive aesthetic to your garage layout.


Organize Balls Using A Bungee Cord Holder
For most families with kids, storing balls can be a hassle. With three lengths of board and some bungee cords, however, those rolling devils can be brought to heel.


Hang A Slat Wall And Hooks
Installing a slat wire equips your garage with a customizable space. You can hang items of all sizes and shapes. From the hose to the hammer, this wall is a versatile necessity for every garage.


Attach A Peg Board To The Wall
Small tools and items that get used almost daily can be tough to tackle. With a simple peg board, these minuscule appliances have an easy-to-access home.


Utilize Old School Lockers
Bring in one for each family member. These nostalgic items offer an easy way for everyone to store their stuff. From tools to baseball bats, lockers are great for clearing clutter and keeping your family’s personal belongings separated.


Assemble A Traditional Shelving Unit
Adding this traditional fixture to your garage organization will help store miscellaneous items that won’t hang on walls or go in bins. It also allows you to stack items while still being able to access them easily.


Prepare A Car Care Station
Organize your car care items together on the same shelf. From the hose to oil and windshield wiper fluid, this will add ease to your car maintenance.


Clearing the clutter can be a scary prospect, but with these tips and tricks your garage space can be become an organized paradise.