6 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Electric Garage Door Opener

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There are many reasons to replace an electric garage door opener even if you think that it is operating correctly. Garage door openers can function for many years, but technology has dramatically improved them. Now garage door openers are safer, quieter, and smarter. Here are six reasons to buy a new garage door opener.

  1. Noise reduction

Older models of garage doors were belt driven, and everyone inside can hear the motor grinding and cranking the door up. The noise is an issue if people come home late at night and families are inside sleeping. Old style openers use mechanical chain drives, but today’s newer models are much quieter. The belts have improved. They are made with high-quality resilient material that generates much less noise.


  1. Break-ins

Criminals can hijack the codes in older models of remote controls. With minimal effort, they can learn how to decode the system. Today’s modern remotes change their coding sequence frequently, so burglars cannot copy the code and break into the house via the garage.


  1. Wi-Fi

Almost everyone has a cell phone today. Being connected to your property is not unusual with the new smart homes. Garage doors have followed the same pattern. Recent garage door openers connect to you via your Smartphone. This eliminates the need for any additional devices to open the door. That means no more losing the garage door opener. Many new cars come with the ability to connect directly with a garage door opener if your garage door opener is compatible.


  1. Automatic stop

New models are required to have a safety stop and reversal mechanism. It works with two sensors located on each side of the garage door opening. The beams are a few inches off the ground. The sensors are always on the lookout for stray pets, running children, or rolling balls. Once an object passes through the laser, the sensors signal the motor. The door stops and begins to roll back up immediately. Old style garage door openers that do not have the safety mechanism should be replaced.


  1. Backup battery

If you live in an area where power goes out often, having a garage door opener that will work off a battery backup system is very useful. When the electricity goes out with older styles, the door has to be opened manually from inside the house.


  1. Outside access

Garage door openers today can be paired with an outside keypad. This way anyone who has the code can open up the garage door and enter the home. This function is useful for children when they get home after school, and no one is there. If friends or relatives stop by the house and you’re not home, they can let themselves in with a code, and if you get locked out, you can get in.

All of these examples demonstrate how much technology has improved new electronic door openers. The new openers promote safety, comfort, and convenience.