Which Style Of Garage Door Fits Best for Your Home?

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Wooden Garage Door with WindowsIf you’re thinking about replacing your garage door, then you’ll first have to consider the style of garage door you will want for your home. To help you create a shortlist, we have compiled a list of popular garage store styles along with the pros and cons of each style. Once you have found the best garage door style for your residence, we encourage you to contact us at O’Brien Garage Door. We have over three decades of experience in serving and installation all makes and models of garage doors.


1). Aluminum

If you have a double garage, then you will want a double garage door that is both durable and lightweight. Aluminum is your best option when it comes to a lightweight option for large or double garage doors. Just about all major garage door brands have a wide selection of aluminum garage doors. Other benefits of aluminum garage doors are that their lightweight design makes it easy for the garage door opener to handle. Aluminum garage doors are also dent resistant and can be insulated.


2). Steel

If you are looking for the most durable option for your garage door, then you will want to go with steel. While this material is tough, you have to bear in mind that steel is not a good natural insulator. Therefore, you will want to get your garage door insulated if you live in an area with extreme weather. Also, while steel is durable in the long run, it is prone to dents. Overall, steel is a good option for garage doors that are not easily visible from the street.


3). Wood

If you are looking to add some real style to your home, then you will want to seriously consider a wood garage door. In addition to looking good, wood is an excellent insulator. The downside to a wood door is that this garage door will require more maintenance than other garage doors. You will have to stain the door every few years to deal with the wear from direct sunlight exposure.


4). Vinyl

If you are looking for a durable and cost-effective option, then you will want to go with a vinyl garage door. Additionally vinyl is also lightweight and easy for your garage door opener to handle. On the downside, vinyl does not insulate well. Therefore, you will need to have the garage door insulated if you live in an area prone to extreme weather.


Expert Garage Door Service and Installation

For over 30 years, O’Brien Garage Door has serviced and installed thousands of garage doors, including all of the styles listed above. Additionally, our trucks are fully stocked. That means we can usually handle any service call or installation in one visit. If you have any questions about installing or servicing your garage door, give us a call at (888)-393-0170.