5 Important Things to Look for Before You Need a New Garage Door

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garage doorAn attractive and properly functioning garage door adds to the quality and value of a home. According to Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2018, homeowners recovered up to 98% of the value of replacing their garage door. You should ask yourself whether the time to replace your garage door is now. Here are five important things to look for before you need a new garage door.



1. Is your garage door too noisy?

While an increase in noise does not always indicate that a door or opener needs to be replaced, it does call for closer inspection. Have a professional look to determine if there are important issues that need attention. It could just need some lubrication. If it does appear as if there is something wrong with the system, consider a replacement.

2. Do the sensors work as they used to?

Garage door sensors immediately react to objects that may be in the way of the door properly functioning. Over time, sensors may get dirty, wet, or moved from their initial state when installed. When this happens, your garage door may be unsafe.

3. Does your door and opener use the latest technology?

Garage door technology applies to both doors and openers. Modern doors use energy efficient durable materials and provide adequate insulation for any climate.

Garage door openers use the latest smart home technology. Openers communicate with other devices in your house, such as thermostats, lights, and appliances. The opener may be programmed to trigger these devices when you open the garage door. Some will let you control the door, with your phone. Even if you do not have smart home devices, replacing your opener when you install a new door is best.

4. Is your insulation failing you?
Have you noticed increased energy bills at home? Do you often deal with extremes in weather? Garage doors face much wear and tear. Insulation degradation is often affected by the type used. Less expensive materials, like fiberglass, react to wear over long periods of time differently than polystyrene.

5. Does the door look worn out or dated?
When selling a home, you can recover nearly all of your expenses on a new garage door and opener. Think about that when you decide how worn or dated your garage door is. Does it have dents, scrapes and the blemishes that appear over several years of constant use? Is it loud even after being maintained simply because it is an old door? If any of the answers to these questions are yes, then it is time to consider a new door.


A properly functioning garage door and opener will serve a homeowner for many years. As with all other items in a house, it eventually will need to be replaced. When that time comes, look to O’Brien Garage Door to replace and service your new installation. Our professionals have been providing top quality service for over 30 years. Call for a consultation and free estimate today.