Garage Door Safety Features

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Garage doors are built to be very durable and reliable. They provide protection for your cars and your home. And since your garage door plays an important role in your home, it’s critical to make sure it is working properly and in good condition all the time. 

A problematic garage door could not only cause damage to your vehicle, but could also endanger your livelihood. More than 10,000 garage door accidents are recorded each year, with several of these leading to death. The best way to protect yourself from these accidents is to install a garage door with safety features. Here are the 3 must-have garage door safety features:


  • Auto reverse function
    Many years ago, there were a lot of injuries and accidents reported because garage doors don’t have this security feature. Today, auto reverse functions are required to prevent accidents from happening. This feature works by detecting whether there is something or someone that is obstructing its trajectory. When your garage door detects an obstruction, the door will stop closing and automatically opens up. Imagine how many lives will be saved with this safety feature alone. You can test this feature by placing a sturdy object under your garage door when it is closing. The door should automatically reverse when it touches the object.


  • Motion detection
    Motion detection feature is an infrared powered safety feature that will enable the garage door to stop when it is activated; a very important feature especially when you have little children at home. This works by activating motion detection sensors when there is something – a vehicle or an individual that crosses the path where the sensor is installed. The lights installed in your garage will automatically turn on and will stay that way for 5 minutes. It will give you good lighting so you don’t stumble while getting your car out from your garage. Apart from that, it also gives your garage protection as any forced entry in your garage will trigger the sensor.


  • Manual control
    If you have a motorized or automatic garage door, why would you want a manual control feature? Well, you will never know its importance until there is a power outage and your car is still inside your garage. You will be stuck at home. However, some people might be quick to bypass the motor and open the automatic garage door by hand.


These features should be included in your garage door to make the most out of it. Moreover, it is also recommended that you check your garage door regularly to ensure that it functions well all the time. It would be too much of a hassle if your garage door gets broken when you least expect it. A smart and responsible homeowner will make sure that all parts of the home, especially the garage door, are maintained properly in order to avoid accidents from happening. It will not just make your life easier but it can also save you a lot of time and energy.