How To Deal With A Damaged Garage Door

Garage door damaged in car accident

A garage is an integral part of your home. They keep your car safe and secure, especially during the night and bad weather. A garage is not a garage without a garage door. A functional garage door adds security to your garage. Unfortunately, despite their importance, garage doors don’t receive enough attention – not until they show some signs of damage and malfunction. A damaged garage door is not something you should take for granted as it can pose a serious threat not only to your car but for everyone inside your home.

There are many reasons why a garage door gets damaged. This can be due to:

  • Spring breaks
  • Cable breaks
  • Rollers wearing out
  • Hinges wearing out
  • Garage door openers wearing out


Common Repair Options for Damaged Garage Doors

When one of these things happens in your garage, you should not ignore it. Deal with it immediately. You might be able to check for minor issues such as slight discoloration in your garage door parts and surface damage. However, a broken door spring is another issue. 

When dealing with garage door problems, you can either repair a specific part or replace it completely with a new one. The choice will depend on your own preference and the extent of the damage. If the damage is minor, have it repaired immediately. A slightly damaged garage door when not repaired immediately may result in serious damage that might be irreparable. 

So how do we deal with a damaged garage door? Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to call an expert and have it inspected. You might think that lubrication is enough to deal with a noisy garage door. This might be enough for some garage door noise, however, there are some noise problems that are a sign of a more serious door issue. And this can only be determined when you contact a garage door specialist to check your door. 

Make sure not to try to repair the damage on your own as it could cause more serious problems to your door or put you and your family at risk. When hiring an expert to repair your door, you can be guaranteed that all areas of your door will be checked. All problems, may it light or serious, will be dealt with right away. Aside from that, they also have enough experience in dealing with all kinds of garage door problems so they can give suggestions on what you could do to extend the life of your garage door or the simple garage door maintenance that you could do yourself.