How Winter Affects Your Garage Door

garage door winterization

Winter weather can be extreme. Freezing temperatures, heavy rainfall, and snow depending on where your place is located. The hazards can vary in different areas but one thing is for sure – winter can greatly affect your home’s garage door in a negative way.

How does winter affect your garage door?

The coldest time of the year doesn’t just make you feel blue or causes you to feel lazy, but it can also affect your garage door in several ways. Apart from the heavy snowfall accumulating on the way, you might also be left with a damaged garage door. You know how important it is for a garage door to function properly as it keeps your vehicles safe against the external environment. Being the first defense of your vehicles, your garage door should be kept in excellent condition no matter the weather. So, how does winter cause damage to your garage door? Here are several ways you should know that could happen during winter:


  • Your door is frozen to the ground


When the temperature drops at the freezing point, the area around the garage door can freeze, especially if there is pooling at the bottom of it. There is no easy way to deal with this, but certainly, there are solutions to it such as manually opening the door through the emergency cord. You can scrape the ice until you can unfreeze the door.



  • Water damage


Remember that winter can bring plenty of humidity and water from the rain. If your garage door is made of wood, it can absorb the water and swell.  When this happens, the clearance space on your door and the frame will decrease. As a result, you might find it hard to operate the garage door. Sometimes, it may even get stuck. To avoid this from happening, make sure there is no run-off water splashing on the door or keep your door protected against direct exposure to rain.



  • Garage openers


Garage door openers function well because its part is properly lubricated – lubricants that are directly affected when the weather is cold. This causes certain parts to get stuck and will not move at all. If you don’t want to experience this, you should prepare for it. Before winter, make sure all the parts are well maintained. Ensure all the metal parts don’t have any rust. Also, moving parts should be well lubricated to ensure your garage door will open despite the cold season.

Before winter starts, make sure to give your garage door a thorough check-up. Sometimes, preventative maintenance can make a big difference. Don’t let the winter season cause you a headache about garage door problems – deal with it ahead of time and you will realize that winter season is not so bad after all.