Prevent Garage Break-Ins

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Everyday when you leave home to go to work or go to sleep you should feel assurance that your home is secured.  According to a crime statistics report from the FBI in 2017, burglary is the second most frequent crime in the United States with a house break-in in every 23 seconds. And the scary part is that most of these happen in the middle of the day, in broad daylight. 

As you set up the security measures in your house, one should not forget the garage as it can be a potential access point to the entire house. By taking preventative steps, you can secure your garage better and reduce the chances of your home falling prey to burglary. 

  • Invest in a security lighting

A motion sensor light can help make burglars scutter away. In fact, a good amount of light can leave them hesitating in breaking in specially if there are neighbors nearby. Install your motion detection light strategically to increase the security of your garage area. While it doesn’t prevent burglars from breaking in, at least they will also find themselves in a spotlight in case they get in close proximity to your garage.


  • Keep the remote safe

Your garage door remote is one of the first things that burglars will look for when they get access to your car. Make sure that you always keep the remote in a secure place; perhaps clip it on your keyring so you will be carrying it wherever you go. Or somewhere more hidden than your car’s glove compartment. 


  • Prep when leaving home

When planning to leave your home for a vacation, make sure to properly secure first not only your house, but also your garage. Don’t forget to disconnect the opener motor on your garage door from the power source. You can also consider installing a side lock or add a padlock inside the door to make sure no one will be able to open from the outside. 


  • Improve the security on your garage doors

Another preventative measure that you might like to consider is upgrading the security features on your garage door. The downside with older garage doors is that they use frequencies and channels to produce the signal to open your garage door. This means that any device that is capable of producing the same signal will be able to open the door. With modern garage door openers, they are designed to be more secure and safer making it almost impossible to infiltrate by trespassers. 


  • Install an alarm system

Alarm system is another must-have garage door feature that will help deter burglars. If you have installed an alarm system on your house’s doors, then why not extend the security on your garage doors and windows? 

Finally, while these security features help a lot in preventing robbery, it is also smart to inspect the mechanical parts of your garage doors. Remember, a garage door that is now well maintained will weaken over time, making it a weak spot and deems all the security features you installed useless.