Signs It’s Time to Replace the Garage Door Weather Stripping

garage door weather stripping

A garage door is crucial for every home. By simply pushing a button, we can conveniently enter our home. Aside from that, it also improves the curb appeal of our property. Unfortunately, we developed this misconception that it is too durable to even break. That is why we often overlook its condition and its parts that we just get surprised when it malfunctions. One of the many parts of a garage door that we seldom pay attention to is the weather stripping. 

While weather stripping doesn’t directly affect the mechanical function of a garage door, it is still very crucial since it provides protection for everything inside the home against the world outside it. Damaged weather stripping gives way to pests, rain, snow and other debris entering your home. So, how can you tell if your weather stripping already needs a replacement? Check out the signs below:


  • Water, snow, and other debris are getting in your garage
    The main purpose of garage door weather stripping is to seal the gap between the garage door and the ground, preventing water and other external fragments from entering your property. If the weather stripping is damaged, water and dirt may seep into your carport which can be very damaging. Worse, it could happen during winter as the cold can penetrate your home, making it uncomfortable for your whole family and increasing your energy consumption.


  • Pests
    Another devastating effect of broken weather stripping is when animals like rodents and squirrels have found their way to your carport or other places of the home and established their residence there. When this happens, replacing weather stripping is necessary to protect your home from these annoying intruders.


  • Metals in your garage are starting to rust
    Rusting happens when metals containing iron get in contact with oxygen and moisture. If your garage door weather stripping is damaged, it allows extra moisture to enter your garage, resulting in the rusting of the tools and other metals found in your garage. If the problem is caused by peeling off the garage sealant, then you can solve it by applying more coating on its metals. However, if it is caused by a damaged weather stripping, then a replacement is necessary.


  • Drafty garage
    Another sign to watch out for deteriorating weather stripping is when you start feeling a draft in your garage. The gaps that should be sealed with weather stripping will be open enough to allow drafts to form. Your garage is not as isolated as the other parts of your home so you will definitely notice it if the place is draftier than usual. Aside from the draft, you may also find specks of dust and dirt in the area.


Failing weather stripping poses more problems than you could imagine. It can cause damage to the objects inside your carport and can drastically increase your energy bills. Garage door maintenance is important to be able to detect problems early. Whenever you notice the four signs above, contact a professional garage door contractor to check if your garage door is weather stripping and have it replaced.