Signs you need a Garage Tune Up

residential garage door repair and replacement

Your garage door is one of the places in your home that is subject to constant wear and tear — from the constant changes in climate to dings and bumps. Unfortunately, it is also one of the many parts that we don’t notice often. Problems with your garage doors should be dealt with right away as it will not just cost you more to have it repaired when the damage is already huge, but it could also compromise the safety of your family. About 2,200 Americans are being involved in accidents each year involving broken garage doors. Don’t be included in this statistic.  Know the signs when you need a garage door tune-up. 

You hear a grinding or scraping noise

It is normal to hear a scraping or screeching sound when you open or close your garage door. However, if the sound gets noisier and weirder, then you might like to check on the source of the sound. Possible issues could be rusty hinges, garage debris stuck on the door tracks or loose hardware.

When your garage doors take time to open or close

A good and well-functioning garage door should open and close with ease. You can check the door if there is something blocking it. If there is nothing stuck on it, then it could either be because of remote failure or wall mounted control issues. Either way, you need to have it checked by a professional garage door service provider. 

When your garage door weatherstripping is already worn out or broken

Another sign that your garage door needs a tune-up is when your weather-stripping is broken. Check out the bottom of the door where the weatherstripping is located. Look for signs of beatings, particularly on rollers, wires, and screws. If you see that they are already worn out, then you need to have your door tuned up before the problem worsens. 

When your garage door is off its tracks

A garage door that is off its track is a door that is not in its best condition. The track bent on your garage door is something that you pay attention to in order to avoid additional problems. One of the reasons why it can be off in its track is the lack of maintenance. The moment you notice a bend in one of the door’s tracks, call a professional garage door service provider right away.

When your garage door torsion springs are broken

Torsion springs in a garage door could last for up to 7 years if maintained properly. If one of the torsion spring breaks, the cables will still be tight and on the drums. However, if two of the torsion springs get broken, the spring unwinds in a second, coils will spin on the shaft, and makes a loud noise. When this happens, you have to call for a repair professional to prevent further damage. 

Calling a professional garage door service such as O’Brien Garage Doors, which specializes in garage doors, will help you get your garage doors back to brand new. Contact us today for your estimate on your garage door!