Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

Organized garage

Your garage may have started as a place to safely keep or park your vehicles, but over time, it likely evolved into something for storage of almost anything, from your gardening tools to any seasonal items in your home. It is undeniably the most suitable place to stash anything because it is one of the least visited places in your home. With this, it can get pretty messy and cluttered so fast that it becomes a threat to the nice exterior of your car and to your family as well. 

If you notice that your garage space is getting smaller because of the clutter, then it is time to organize the area and maximize the space with these tips.

  • Major cleanup

The first thing that you need to do when planning to maximize your garage space is to clean it up. You can take your car out while doing a major cleaning; remove everything that is no longer usable, group together all the seasonal items and set them aside. If you still have sports equipment kept in your garage and your kids are all grown-ups or are no longer playing the sport, then you might want to consider donating the equipment. 

  • Designate areas

Once you are done cleaning the area and have already grouped together the same items, the next step is to designate areas in your garage space. Determine the main purpose of your garage. Is it to get more space for a new car? Do you want to make room for a workshop or a storage space? Allocate a huge enough space for the major purpose of your garage; then you can make use of the remaining areas as a space to organize your tools and others. 

  • Install shelves/cabinets

To avoid creating messy clutter on the floor of your garage, make sure to purchase sturdy shelves or mount them to the wall where you can put and organize things. Shelves are a great way to stay organized while being able to view your items. You can opt for custom garage cabinets, especially if you have bigger and bulkier items that you need to secure. You can also have built-in drawers where you can store smaller items such as screws, bolts, nails, and others. 

  • Build a workstation

Most of the time, the garage and workstation come hand in hand. This makes mechanical jobs and DIY projects easier because you have the tools and the space to work on within your reach. Assign a space in your garage to your workstation; it might be better to have it closer to your cabinets and tool storage space for ease of access. 

  • Make use of the ceiling

If you want to maximize your garage space, then you might as well make use of your ceiling by adding overhead storage. It is a great way to declutter your garage and create a storage space without taking up any floor space. The space above your garage door could be the perfect place for overhead storage or shelves. Setting up overhead storage can be a bit tricky but with some DIY skills, it can be done without any problems. Just make sure to take correct measurements and secure it properly to avoid accidents.