What To Do About a Warped Garage Door

Garage Door Repair

Your garage door is designed to be very durable as it protects everything inside your garage from the harsh environment outside. However, over time, the door experiences wear and tear, and lessens its durability. Warped garage doors are one of the most common garage door issues that many homeowners encounter. This happens when parts of your door bend outward or inward. 

Should you fix or replace the warped garage door?

Apart from being unpleasant to look at, warped garage doors can also strain your door opener and may result in more serious door problems if not addressed right away. Warping is a common sight, especially in older and wooden doors. While steel doors also warp, they do not warp as easily as wooden doors. The decision on whether to have your warped garage door replaced or fixed depends on its severity. If warping only occurs in one or two of its panels, then you might want to have it repaired by a professional garage door repair company. However, if the entire garage door is warped, then it might be rational to take them down and install a new garage door. 

You may not be able to completely fix a warped garage door with DIY skills, however, there are a few tricks you can do to make your door open and close as normal as possible while you still haven’t found a new garage door in the market. 


  • Try to reverse the warp
    You can try to reverse the warp on your garage door by removing it from its jamb. Check the warp; if it faces up, then turn the door over. Then put heavy objects on the crown of the warp of the door. You can leave the objects on it for as long as one week or until you notice the reduction on the warp or until it is completely gone. Be careful in placing the heavy objects though, so you won’t damage your garage door.


  • Try sanding
    Start by putting a straightedge on the door. You will see the direction of the warp through the gap between the straightedge and the door. Flip the door over so that the warp faces down. Then you can start sanding the edge of the door at the upper part where the door and the doorstop meets. Move the sander back and forth until you see noticeable changes in the warp. You can check your work by using a straightedge.


  • Try the jambs
    Moving the doorstop on the jambs is another trick you can try to fix the warping on your garage door. Get a chisel and pry the doorstop off from the jamb. Then close the door and reinstall the jambs making it fit to the warp. You might also like to sand the door, refinish, and apply lacquer or varnish to seal it.

If all these DIY tricks don’t work on your garage door, then you need to contact a professional and have them repair or  install a new door for your garage.