When Should You Call a Garage Door Expert?

Garage Door Experts

A garage door specialist can help you in many situations. They understand the ins and outs of garage door operations and can ensure your system is working properly. Here are some reasons why you should call in the pros to help you.


Noisy Door – Your door will never be completely silent as it opens or closes, however if you hear a new sound or an odd sound, or the garage door is extremely loud, it’s time to give us a call

Broken Springs – if a spring breaks, don’t try to fix it if you haven’t done it before, these can be very tricky, and you can get hurt

Remote issues – there are many reasons your remote may not work, the garage door experts can figure out what the cause is

Dead batteries

Interference (did you know that cobwebs and other debris can affect the signal to the starter?)

Blown Fuse

Simply need to just reset the signal

Banging – if you hear a banging noise this could mean that your door is unbalanced, sometimes it is a simple spring repair that is needed, but if you don’t do it properly it can cause a lot of damage

Rattling – this could mean an unbalanced door, or it could be a loose nut or both

Squeaking – squeaking can be caused by a loose roller, the need to be lubricated, or a hinge issue. There are many reasons, and it is a good idea to have a garage door professional check it out

Popping – again this could point to several different possible issues, such as an issue with the track, or the hinges or a spring issue, again contacting a professional garage door specialist can help diagnose the issue


There are so many things that can wrong with your garage door, it is always best to have a professional garage door expert come out to diagnose the issues and repair them for you. It is all too easy to get hurt or cause damage to the door, or your vehicle. We are only a phone call away and we are here to help.