When To Replace Your Old Garage Door

garage door repair replacement

Your car is a big investment and needs to be protected. A garage is the best place to store your car when not in use. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your car is safe. 

However, if you have an old garage door, it might be time to consider replacing it. A lot of homeowners are may be hesitant to do so when their garages are still functioning. So, when is it really time to replace your garage door? What are the signs you need to know? Here are warning signs your garage doors needs a replacement:


  • It is too old


If your garage door is over 10-15 years old, it probably is behind the times. It might not be equipped with some safety and efficiency features found on latest garage door models and designs. If you think your garage is at risk to theft due to lack of security, consider replacing it with newer design with updated security features. A garage door also adds curb appeal to your home, so if you are planning to put your home on sale in the future, then consider updating your garage door with a new one.



  • Malfunctions


If you frequently call for repairs due to a persistent problem with your garage, perhaps it’s high time you replace it with a new one. 



  • It has an outdated design


If you think your garage has a boring design, why not replace it? Apart from providing security to your vehicles, a garage can also boost your home’s curb appeal so make sure your garage has an architecturally striking design.



  • It is no longer secured


Your garage door is what separates you and your property to the world outside. You might like to change your security features on your garage door, however, if uninvited people could easily open your door and enter, then it is high time to have your door replaced. It would be disturbing to think that you are no longer secured in your own home.



  • It has no safety features


This is a very important feature every garage door needs to have especially if you have children, or even pets, at home. Latest innovations on the garage door can detect if somebody is within the threshold while the door is closing. There are also garage doors with sensors installed in it enabling it to detect if something is being pressed on it, prompting it to stop. 


There are issues that your garage door will experience once in a while. Most of these can be fixed with a simple DIY or a professional repair. However, there are also issues that will lead to a garage door replacement. When you see these signs, you’ll know it’s time to replace your garage – for better protection and maximum garage experience.